10 GbE Playback Subsystem

10 GbE Playback Subsystem

The Vortex 10 GbE Data Playback Subsystem exemplifies Curtiss-Wright Application Group’s integration work. This rugged system plays back recorded data for simulation purposes. Like all Curtiss-Wright Open Recorders, the front end and storage of the system’s data can be any custom or standard input. Once the data is recorded, the user can reformat the data and play it back over eight 10GbE output channels. The playback streams burst synchronized data to provide realistic sensor data. The Vortex 10GbE Data Playback System contains all necessary components to work from a Fibre Channel JBOD storage device.

The 10 GbE Playback Subsystem stores data to a single 2U 12-disk JBOD. The split loop configuration of the JBOD includes six disks on one fibre channel port, while the other six can be accessed through another port. Each six-disk set is further divided into two 3-disk groups. These disk groups support a sustained aggregate rate of 180MB/s throughput. To achieve higher throughput, additional JBODs, Vortex VME engines or workstations may be added until all ports are filled. In addition, switches may be cascaded to increase the number of fibre channel ports.

Curtiss-Wright offers the Vortex SAN Access Kit, which allows customers to develop workstation-based utilities to read, reorganize and play back recorded data, as well as write new files to be used on the Vortex playback engine. To enable maximum throughput to the playback engine, each data file can be written to separate disk groups. The SAN Access Kit’s operator control may be implemented as an extension to the existing GUI or any other interface the customer selects.

The system’s four Vortex VME playback engines – each with two 10GbE PMC interfaces – can be programmed for synchronized data playback through eight 10GbE ports. The playback engines play data in bursts of up to 64KB, each burst controlled and initiated in a pulse repetition interval (PRI) by a Single Board Computer (SBC), which serves as the VME playback synchronization controller.

VxWorks® runs a small application on the SBC to perform the multi-channel playback synchronization controller functions. The synchronized burst starts across the eight channels with a maximum skew of 1 microsecond.

Each playback engine features a web browser GUI accessible on a workstation from which the operator selects the playback engine browser window and sets parameters such as the mode, Ethernet packet header source, destination MAC addresses, IP and UDP headers and the gap time between packets, among others. The playback engine stores these parameters in power-up default settings.

  • To adapt and customize the application...
    • Recorder and playback software available in source code
  • To use with ease...
    • Web-browser graphical user interface control
  • To simulate realistic sensor data...
    • Synchronized data playback from up to 8x 10GbE ports
  • To accurately time simulated data...
    • Multi-channel playback synchronization control
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